The Perfect Indoor Transplant System
 Struggle with wimpy, leggy tranplants that seem to stagnant and die when you transplant? Learn now to produce consistent, high-quality transplants  for a fraction of the cost. 
If you're a small scale farmer, growing high quality, hit the ground running transplants can be tough. 
>> Maybe you have a low-tech greenhouse, but struggle with consistent watering, high heat bills in the early season, and stressing out about the heater failing

>> Or you don't have a greenhouse yet and are starting your transplants inside - they're leggy, weak, or not germinating well

>> Or maybe you've got a great seed starting area, but hate turning it on so early for just a few onion, pepper, and tomato trays 

Not any more...

We'll walk you through the exact system we use to consistently grow robust indoor transplants.
Get the proven system to produce transplants indoors
Attend the live training or have access to the recording and the future FULL course with lifetime access*
Build out your modular, LED light setup in just a few hours
Once the system is up and running, it takes only a few minutes a day to manage.
Produce high-quality transplants while saving money, time and seed
Better control  = save $$$  
Consistent production
Consistently higher sales 
In this class I’ll walk you through the complete system.
  • you’ll learn exactly how much light you need and what the manufacturers don’t tell you on how to measure it (it's all about PAR btw)
  • why everyone says to focus on blue and red spectrum lights, but we don’t recommend them
  • our 1/2 price source for high quality LED lights direct from the manufacturer
  • how to build a germination chamber right into your Modular Transplant System (MTS) - that germs consistently every time
  • how we’re starting our own sweet potatoes, ginger, and even elderberries inside!
  • our transplant checklists - from how long to grow, how to harden off, and what cell sizes we recommend!
Grab the Perfect Indoor Transplant System class!
perfect indoor transplant system Tutorial
~Most Economical~
immediate and lifetime access
  • The course contains detailed instructions and schematics. We make it quick and easy.
  • Live class I’ll walk you through my complete system
  • Our 1/2 price source fro high quality LED lights
  • Our transplant checklists
Tutorial Bundle deal
~Best Value~
Grab all 4 of our  time and labor saving tutorials for 38% off!
  • Ultimate Germination Chamber Tutorial +
  • Dry You Greens Tutorial +
  • Build A Bubbler Tutorial +
  • Perfect Indoor Transplant Tutorial
  • Normally $204   Just $127!
Just an FYI, this may not be a good fit for you...
  • If you already have a great greenhouse setup
  • If you aren't serious about getting the right lights and supplies
  • if you are just growing microgreens and shoots (sure, we'll help you systematize and provide best tactics but you probably don't NEED this class)
*lifetime access is for version of the course you sign up for indefinitely. If for any reason, we choose to discontinue offering it, you will have a full year to download all videos and resources of the course. 
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